Renting Apartments As A Business

30 March 2019
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Apartments are in short supply everywhere. In many cities, developers can not build apartments fast enough for growing populations. If you own several apartment buildings, you can make a decent income from them as long as you protect yourself and manage the apartments properly. Maintaining Your Properties One of the most important parts of owning apartments is maintaining the property so that people will want to rent one from you. If you only have a few apartments or several large buildings filled with units, the upkeep should be a priority. Read More 

What Are The Benefits To Using An Executive Recruitment Team?

14 January 2019
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Start your hunt for your senior living center's next executive with a senior living executive recruiting team. An executive recruit team is a group of individuals who are highly skilled at vetting and attracting the top talent. Working with an executive recruitment team rather than attempting to recruit on your own has a few major benefits. Get Advice Regarding the Market As an organization, you likely fill executive roles very infrequently. Read More