Why Stolen Asset Recovery Is Important For Any Business Owner

10 October 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

As the owner of a business, you want to feel as though you can trust the majority of people who work for you. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. One way that employees can occasionally engage in untrustworthy behavior is by stealing work property. This can occur in a variety of scenarios. Sometimes, someone will take work items with him or her upon quitting. In other cases, an employee will simply remove things from your place of work when no one is watching. Asset theft is a problem not only because of distrust, but because it can cost you financially. A private detective will be a good ally in the recovery of these assets, which will help you in the following ways.

Getting The Item Back

Many private investigators specialize in asset recovery, which can make them valuable to business owners who are dealing with stolen assets. Losing items — whether it's a set of tools if you run an automotive shop or technical gear in an office environment — costs you money and time. You'll need to spend your company's money replacing these assets, and often spend time physically shopping for replacement items or researching what you need to buy. If your PI can track down the stolen items and return them to you, you'll avoid this waste of money and time.

Evidence For Discipline

A private investigator possesses the skills that are needed to track down a stolen asset. Whether the unscrupulous employee is attempting to sell the item online or through a local pawn shop, the PI can often find out this information and intervene accordingly. In doing so, the investigator will be able to give you evidence that you can use to pursue discipline against the employee — provided that he or she is still working for you. You can't risk terminating someone simply because you suspect that he or she stole, as this could be wrongful dismissal without proof. The PI's evidence can serve as the proof that you need.

Evidence For The Authorities

It's possible that you might not want to pursue legal charges against the employee. In some cases, simply dismissing him or her and putting the issue behind you may be enough. However, if your PI has gained solid evidence about the theft and you want the employee to pay for this action, you can share the evidence with the local police department. It can then lay charges against the employee, and your PI's evidence may be critical to getting a conviction in court.