Why You Might Want To Reach Out To A Military Supplier For Army Rank Insignia Pins

27 September 2021
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Military insignia pins can be used to denote someone's rank or to offer a special commendation. These pins are worn on the military uniform both as a form of honor and also to make it easier to identify what someone's rank is or what they have accomplished throughout their career. These pins can obviously be obtained directly from the military if you are a member, but they can also be found at military surplus stores and other military vendors. There are a variety of different reasons why you might want to stock up on some Army rank insignia pins by contacting one of these providers.

You Are a Current Military Member Who Wants an Extra Set of Your Current Pins to Avoid Getting in Trouble

If you are still currently active duty in the military, you know that you will have your uniform inspected on a regular basis. If you are missing a pin you have been awarded, you are likely going to be questioned about it and might even be disciplined for losing it. By ordering an extra set of the rank pins you have been awarded, you can quickly replace a lost pin if you are ever called to the carpet for a uniform inspection and realize that something is missing.

You Want to Create a Memorial for an Old Friend Who Was Lost in Battle

Did you become friends with someone during your time in the service but the friend was killed during combat or some kind of incident while in hostile territory? If you are looking to have a memorial for your friend when you return home, ordering their exact uniform complete with rank pins and putting it on display might be a nice touch for the memorial. You could also order these things and give them as a gift to the fallen friend's loved ones in lieu of a memorial service.

You Have a Loved One Who Served and Want to Give Them Their Old Pins as a Gift

Maybe you are not in the military yourself but you have a loved one who is serving or maybe they served years ago. Some military members like purchasing the same gun or other weapons they had in the military as way of remembering their time in the service. If your love one no longer has their uniform or military rank pins, you could seek out the pins at a military surplus store or other military provider and give the pins and other military-themed knick-knacks as a gift.