Installing A Pump In Your Newly Drilled Water Well

1 February 2021
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Having a water well drilled on your property is an excellent way to supply your residential water. Many homesteads and houses that are of the city system use water wells daily, but once the well is drilled, you will need to set up a pump and tank to get that water out of the well and into your home.

Preparing The Site

Once the well is drilled on your property, you will have a well casing about a few feet tall sticking out of the ground. The casing marks the well and is the starting point for the services you need in your home. 

You will need a contractor to dig a trench from the casing to the home for the water and electrical lines. The water well pump installation can not go forward without the trench, and if the installer arrives to find it is not complete, they will not be able to install the pump that day. The trench should expose the side of the well casing and run to the home and expose the foundation there as well. 

The trench depth can vary from area to area, so check with the pump installer to determine how deep to make it. You may also want to ask if there are any special needs like gravel in the base of the trench so you can have everything ready for the installer when they arrive. 

Pump Installation

The water well pump installation company will install the pump at the proper level in the well, connect the water line to the ones in the trench, and wire the pump for electricity. The lines then need to run through the home's foundation and into the utility room or basement where the pressure tank will be located. 

Typically the water well pump installation crew will use a hammer drill to punch a hole through the foundation and bring the water line into the tank. The electrical lines also come in the same way and are connected to the tank's pressure switch. That switch sends power to the well pump when it needs to turn on and fill the pressure tank. 

Once the waterline, the electrical connects, and the pressure tank are in the home, an electrician will connect the working to the electrical panel, and a plumber will need to tie the pressure tank in so that it feeds the water system in the home. If the house needs a water softener or filter system installed, it should be installed on the incoming water line to protect the pressure tank and the entire water system inside the house.

Reach out to a professional for more information about water well pumps