4 Tips For Recovering After Having Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

9 November 2020
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Have you been told that your wisdom teeth need to be removed, and now you feel a bit nervous about the procedure? Follow these tips to ensure that things go smoothly during the recovery process.

Have Your Pain Relievers Ready

You are going to feel some discomfort after you have your wisdom teeth removed, which is why it is best to have your pain relievers ready. Your dentist will likely recommend that you take ibuprofen and acetaminophen, so you should have both on hand. This is because both have their own unique side effects and treat pain differently. By alternative between the two, you'll reduce the chance of having side effects and have a better chance of managing your pain so that you feel comfortable. 

Have Cold Packs On Hand

You'll want to use cold temperatures to help reduce swelling in your jaw after the procedure since heat will actually cause blood to rush to the area and make it worse. Have some cold packs on hand that you can throw in your freezer when you are done using them. While ice can get the job done, cold packs are going to be cleaner and much easier to deal with. Your oral surgeon may even give you some. 

Have Soft Foods Ready

You are not going to be in the mood for chewing for a few days after the procedure, but you still have to eat. Make sure that you have soft foods on hand so that you don't have to make an emergency trip out to the store. You'll want to have the fun soft foods to help you get through it, like gelatin and pudding, but you should also make some healthy food recipes with soft foods so that they are ready to go. For example, soup is going to be very easy to digest and contain a lot of soft vegetables in it. 

Have Entertainment Ready

You'll need to get plenty of rest while you are recovering from your wisdom tooth extraction. That is why it is good to line up your entertainment so that you actually rest. Make a watch list of movies or TV shows that you can binge-watch and never run out of something to keep you busy. If you get bored, you're going to start being active and put too much stress on your body

Reach out to a dentist for more tips about recovering from wisdom teeth removal