Tips To Help You Choose The Right Ground Coffee

5 August 2020
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Many people start the day with a hot cup of coffee, and some people can't even get out of bed without knowing that they will be able to enjoy coffee within a few minutes. While there are those who prefer buying whole bean coffee, the convenience of ground coffee can't be beaten. When you opt for ground coffee instead of whole bean coffee, you can get your coffee brewed much faster. If you're a coffee-lover, you are sure to want a drink made from the highest quality ground coffee. Use the following tips to help you choose which ground coffee to purchase:

Consider Packaging

When it comes to buying ground coffee, first impressions do matter. While shopping for ground coffee, make sure that you pay close attention to the packaging. Coffee begins to break down and lose its taste and aroma when it is exposed to light. Thus, avoid any brand of coffee that has transparent or clear packaging. Likewise, avoid ground coffee that is in a package that is not tightly sealed, as oxygen is another enemy. Ideally, you should choose a brand that used layered foil paper that is airtight to protect the coffee inside.

Look at the Roast Level

Coffee beans are roasted, and the way they are roasted gives coffee a unique aroma and taste. There are several different types of coffee roast levels, and which one you should buy will depend on your personal preferences, since everyone likes their coffee differently. If you like to add cream or flavoring to your coffee, you may enjoy a medium roast. There are also dark and very dark roasts, with dark roast having a very strong and bitter coffee flavor. If you like strong coffee, opting for a very dark roast can be a good choice.

Choose the Right Grind Level

How coffee beans are ground can make a difference in quality, as well as what type of appliance you can use to brew the coffee. When looking at the label on packages of ground coffee, it is best to avoid coarse ground. Coarse ground coffee is usually the cheapest coffee available, and it also takes the longest time to infuse. If you want a delicious, smooth cup of coffee in the morning, your best bet is to opt for a fine grind. When coffee beans are ground longer, the quality is better and it doesn't take as long to infuse. 

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