Ways To Measure Your Success As A Social Media Consultant

18 June 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you find that you're proficient in working on social media projects, you may wish to sign up with a temp staffing agency so that you can fulfill different work contracts as a social media consultant. When you join a company on a temporary basis, you'll want to make a difference from the perspective of social media. At the end of the contract, however, you need specific ways to measure your success — you can't just say something such as, "I made the company better on social media."

Social Media Statistics

Fortunately, there are a number of different statistics that you can use to measure the efficacy of your social media work during a contract. Take note of the company's social media followers across all channels when you start and again when your contract is up. Ideally, you can demonstrate with numbers how much you've helped the follower count increase. Followers are only one metric to consider. Using social media analytics, you can compile data on topics such as user engagement — in other words, the number of people who have interacted in some manner, such as liking or sharing, a social media post.

News Media Coverage

Many companies seek media coverage in a variety of ways, but the goal is always the same: to raise the awareness of the company and drive people to its website with the hope that they'll become customers. Do some research to see how often the company for which you're working was in the news before your arrival, and then track the coverage during your temp contract. For example, if you launched a social media campaign that the local news media covered or that had a viral element, you can use this information to further evaluate your success as a social media temp.

Social Media-Related Revenue

If the company for which you're working sells products online, you might propose the idea of promoting one or more products through social media. A common strategy is to give your social media followers a promotional code that they can use to buy a product at a discount. Fortunately, you can track these purchases, noting the number of people who bought products using the code. It's easy to argue that many of these people — especially first-time consumers, which is another metric that you can track — might not have bought the product otherwise. This means that your work directly ties into the company's revenue.

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