Basic Office Furniture You'll Need For Your New Office

22 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're moving your small business from your home to a new office building, you'll need to invest in quality office furniture. You want furniture that is comfortable, ergonomic, and well-built. Style is important as well, when you want to impress your clients. Here are some pieces of office furniture you may want for your office.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are very popular right now because they offer health benefits for you and your employees. Being sedentary leads to a host of health problems, and standing off and on throughout the day can be beneficial for health reasons. You can buy desks that transition from sitting height to standing height with just a few quick adjustments. You may want one of these for your executive desk if you need to spend long hours working on a computer. These desks are also beneficial for your staff who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to stand up and move around often throughout the day. With a transitional standing desk, the entire desktop elevates so a computer can be used while standing or sitting. This eliminates disruption to workflow and productivity.

Client Chairs

Whether you have a waiting room or just a few chairs in your office for clients, you want to splurge on comfort and style when it comes to guest seating. Choose fabrics that you can clean easily, because stains and dirt make even luxury chairs distasteful. Comfortable chairs for clients make them feel appreciated and they allow clients to wait for your attention in complete comfort. Also, these chairs add a touch of color and décor to your office, since most work chairs are not as stylish.

Work Chairs

The office furniture that requires the most consideration are the chairs your staff uses all day long. You'll want an executive chair for your office that reflects your position as owner of the company. The chair should also be designed ergonomically so it supports your neck, back, hips, and legs properly. This keeps you from getting exhausted and sore from long hours of work. Your staff will need task chairs and desk chairs, too. Since these may be used by a variety of employees, investing in adjustable chairs is a good option. Teach employees how to adjust the height and back support so they stay comfortable throughout the workday.

Whether you have a handful of employees or a large staff, buying quality office furniture is important. You don't want to buy based on appearance or price alone. Comfort and fit are very important when you and your staff will be sitting in the chairs for months or years to come. For more information, contact companies like D&R Office Works, Inc.