Valuable Locations To Put A Safe In Your Place Of Work

9 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Having a high-quality safe is integral when you run a business. This secure location is not only suitable for holding cash, checks, and other valuables that you might have on hand, but can also be an effective storage spot for documents and other items of a sensitive nature. It's generally a good idea to place safes, like tl 15 safes, in locations where they won't be conspicuous. Even though someone who has broken into your place of work may be able to eventually find it with a little searching, given its size, a subtle location can be beneficial. Here are some locations to consider placing the safe.

In The Kitchen Area

Depending on the size of the safe you buy, you may be able to effectively position it in the kitchen area of your office. In the case of a smaller safe, for example, you could place it at the back of one of the lower cupboards under the kitchen counter. If you don't access the safe regularly, you may even wish to pile cleaning products or other bulky items in front of it. The average burglar who has broken into your place of work may not spend much time in the kitchen; he or she will likely be more interested in stealing computers and other items of value, so the safe may remain undetected.

In A Coat Closet

If you have a closet near the front entrance of the building that holds employees' coats, positioning the safe to the rear of this area can also be effective. A burglar in a hurry to find high-value items would be unlikely to browse the coat closet. You may wish to place the safe on the bottom of the closet with items such as boots positioned in front of it. If you have a smaller safe, you may choose to situate it at the rear of an upper shelf with hats or folded apparel between it and the closet door.

In A Storage Area

When you look around your office, you should be able to identify other suitable locations for the safe. One such area is a storage spot, which can differ in description based on the nature of your office. For example, you might have a storage cupboard that holds office supplies such as spare printer paper, writing utensils, paperclips, and other similar items. This is another spot that a burglar would likely avoid perusing, which may make it perfect for hiding the safe.