DIY Moving Tips: Four Things You Can Do To Make Moving Day Easier

8 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are planning to save money by moving yourself, you may be wondering how you can make the process go a bit more smoothly. Use this guide to prepare for moving day and make the transition to your new home easier.

Get Navigation Help

Your friends can do more than simply help you load boxes onto your moving truck. As one person to act as your navigator while you drive your moving truck. This person should be able to help you back into any driveways or parking spaces when you arrive at your current and new residences, and this person can also help you find the easiest route to take to your new home. Driving a moving truck can be a new experience for some, and having a bit of help and moral support can make this task a bit less stressful. 

Stage Boxes In Advance

Loading your boxes onto the moving truck properly is the key to a fast, efficient move. Stage the boxes in your home a few days ahead of the move, and arrange them in the order they should be loaded onto the truck. You can even draw out a diagram of the truck and number the boxes to indicate where they should go. Be sure that each box has a label that matches the numbers on your diagram. When moving day comes around, you can load the boxes according to the diagram. This makes loading your truck as easy as putting a numbered puzzle together.

Assign An Errand Person

If you have a crew of friends helping with your move, assign one person to run various errands throughout the day. This person may need to grab extra boxes or supplies from your local hardware store or buy coffee for everyone to enjoy during breaks throughout the day. Having one person assigned to these random tasks can help ensure that everyone else stays on schedule. This person may also be assigned cleanup duty at your old home to grab any odds and ends or take out the trash before locking up the property one last time.

Host An Unpacking Party

Moving your items into your new home isn't the only big job on moving day. Ask your helpers to stick around for an unpacking party to help get everything settled. Make a list of things you need done at this point in the day, such as assembling tables and setting up beds. While you don't have to unpack every box, you should make a goal to set up essential living spaces, including the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. With these areas squared away, you can focus on unpacking the rest of the home in the days to come. Be sure to provide plenty of food and beverages as a way to thank everyone for your help throughout the day.