Bullet Wound First Aid Kit – How To Prepare For A Day At The Gun Range

8 February 2018
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If you are planning to carry a gun on a regular basis, then you should know how to use it. To learn this degree of competency, you will have to spend time at the shooting range. It helps to understand basic firearm safety before going to this practice facility. However, you should know the type of atmosphere you are going into.

Bullets can ricochet off the walls and firearms can go off without warning. The worse case scenario is someone getting shot by another shooter. Read to find out how to prepare for a day at the gun range.

Be A Careful Shooter

If you are going to the shooting range, then you should prepare for every situation. Some shooters bring a first aid kit, but it is not enough. First aid kits are helpful for treating a splinter, for skinning your knuckle when reloading and for when accidentally stapling your finger. However, first aid kits are inadequate if you receive a gunshot wound.

There is something on the market called a bullet wound first aid kit, which you can get from places like Dow Creative Enterprises. You will need the right things to treat your wound. When your skin is struck by a bullet, it makes a puncture wound into your skin. You will experience soft tissue damage and the bleeding must be stopped immediately. There are things in your gunshot wound first aid kit that should address the bleeding.

What Items To Look For?

If you are buying a prepackaged kit, then you should look for certain items. Quickclot pads and tourniquets are items you want in your kit. A quickclot gauze contains kaolin, which has clotting properties. Kaolin activates a protein factor that promotes blood clotting to control and stop bleeding.

A tourniquet is a way to stop bleeding from an extremity. It works with the use of a tight bandage or cord. This device stops the blood from flowing through your vein by compressing it.

Add Items To Your Kit

Everyone is not the same and have different experiences. A prepackaged kit may not have everything you want, which means you can add to it. For example, you will need a chest seal. If something happens to your chest, then a seal closes your chest to prevent the wound from sucking in air.

It is important to understand the risks that come along with handling a gun. You may want to consider a class on gunshot first aid. However, a gunshot would kit is one of the first steps in the right direction of gun safety.