Upgrades That Can Increase Hotel Security

7 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Hotels thrive on repeat business. Ensuring that the guests who frequent your hotel feel safe and secure while spending time away from home is critical when it comes to maintaining your hotel's reputation within the hospitality industry, attracting repeat guests, and gaining referral business.

Hotels with strong security policies in place must still take the time to ensure that the physical security measures available within their walls meet maximum safety standards. Completing the following upgrades will help you keep your guests safe during upcoming stays.

1. Add new locks.

Technology has revolutionized the security industry. You can easily take advantage of technological advancements to make your hotel more secure for guests. Adding high-tech locks that track each and every person entering and existing a room allows you to audit activity regularly.

Employees will be less likely to engage in theft when they know their movements are being recorded, and guests can rest assured knowing that no unauthorized individuals will be able to access rooms within your hotel during their stay.

2. Install automatic deadbolts.

Forced entry could compromise the safety of your hotel guests. Finding ways to secure the doors to each of your rooms is critical when it comes to protecting your guests for the duration of their stay. Rooms should be equipped with automatic deadbolts that lock into place when doors are closed.

These deadbolts make it nearly impossible for anyone outside the room to gain entry without a key. Automatic deadbolts can be particularly helpful when protecting high-profile guests who might be targeted for an attack.

3. Visible video surveillance.

One way to help guests feel secure while spending time in your hotel is to provide visible confirmation that you are putting safety first. You should install video surveillance cameras in all public areas of the hotel.

Ensure total coverage of the lobby, parking lot, hallways, and elevators so that you can easily identify any dangerous activity which needs to be addressed by security staff. Visible cameras let guests know their behavior is being monitored, and the presence of these cameras could be enough to deter any unwanted behavior that might jeopardize the safety of your hotel guests during their stay.

Advanced security measures let guests know they are safe, instilling a sense of trust in your hotel that will help you bolster business. Upgrade your door locks, add automatic deadbolts, and install visible video surveillance equipment to improve hotel security. Visit a site like http://intellexsecurity.com/ for more help.