3 Reasons Your Tech Start-Up Needs A Blog

7 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

In the hustle and bustle of starting your own software or other technology company, it's easy to overlook key aspects of marketing, such as regularly publishing blog articles. This is a mistake since blogging is a simple, low-cost way to boost your company's profile and brand, improve your SEO results, and stand out as an influential thought leader in your niche. Here are a few of the biggest reasons your tech start-up absolutely needs a blog:

Become a Tech Influencer

As a start-up founder, one way to instill confidence in potential investors and customers is to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership in the form of unique and engaging blog posts. These can be posted on your own blog, but also cross-published on sites like LinkedIn and Medium to further your reach.

As you publish insightful, well-researched, and creative blog posts in your tech niche, you will begin to build a reputation as a true tech influencer. This is not only good for your start-up, but can also provide you with your own opportunities to speak, present, or consult.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

As a new kid in town with a start-up, you don't yet have a lot of name recognition. One way to fix this is to up your SEO game and drive traffic to your website via blogging. In essence, you figure out what your target audience is searching the internet for, and then create relevant content that meets their needs. If you aren't sure how to do this, consider hiring an inbound marketing expert to create a content strategy for you.

Get Started Immediately

Another benefit of blogging as a marketing tactic is that there is no real barrier to entry and you can begin right away. Since you are already tech-savvy enough to create your own technology company, you will most likely not have a problem quickly designing a visually appealing, easy to read blog attached to your main website. Take some time creating an editorial calendar and basic content plan, and then get to work writing and publishing new blog posts.

If you would like to enjoy these benefits but don't have the time or writing expertise to maintain your own blog, this is a great task to outsource to a content company or technical freelance writer. Be sure that whoever you employ to write your blog has a solid understanding of your voice as well as the intricacies of your product or service.