Three Partnerships You Need To Create When Opening A Plastic Surgery Practice

6 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Plastic surgery is a combination of good healthcare fixing superficialities. As a plastic surgeon you will have people coming to you for reconstructive cases and to create desired changes that will give the patients more confidence in their looks. Opening up your own clinic to start your practice is only half the battle. Along with the clinic that you will be opening, you will need to create partnerships with several different businesses for the health and safety of your patients. Here are three partnerships to create when you open a plastic surgery clinic. 

Find doctors to enter the clinic as partners

The only thing better than operating as a plastic surgeon with good reviews is to operate in conjunction with a partner that has good reviews. There are times where you may need help in the operating room, so having a doctor who works at the same clinic will help you and the patient. Patients may select your practice based on the fact that they are being cared for and operated on by two highly rated physicians. 

Have a hospital partnership

As a physician, it is important to plan for every type of emergency. While your clinic may be able to take care of a lot of medical issues, having an emergency room available to you and your patients is paramount for their safety. Find a hospital partnership service that will allow you emergency room privileges if something happens to one of your cosmetic surgery patients. Being able to transport them to a hospital where you can care for them is necessary for safety. Having a plastic surgeon on the staff is also good for the hospital partnering services that you will be participating in. 

Find a medical recovery home

Most cosmetic procedures will be outpatient surgeries, or the patients will leave after one day in the clinic. The patients will still need to be in a clean, sterile environment to make sure that they heal properly and that no wounds become infected. Find medical recovery services that will allow your patients to rest in after their cosmetic surgery procedures. Some hotels in the area may also be interested in taking your patients in at the daily rate and providing medical concierge services to help them after their surgery. Be sure to inspect the recovery homes and ask the hotels about the medical services they suggest to make sure your patients are always safe and cared for.