What You Need to Know About Janitorial Supply Providers

1 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you have a janitorial staff or your employees keep the office clean, you need janitorial supplies like cleaning equipment. However, with a business to run, you likely have little time to go shopping or read customer reviews. Instead of trying to fit it into your busy day, partner with a janitorial supply provider. With a janitorial supply provider, you get everything you need to keep your office clean without much effort. Check out these four facts you must know about janitorial supply companies.

They May Save You Money

One of the biggest benefits of working with a janitorial supply company, is they may save you money. If you purchase the exact same materials from a local grocery store, you'd probably spend more money because the store doesn't only specialize in cleaning supplies. When you partner with a cleaning supply provider, you get better deals because they get better deals by buying large quantities frequently from the same provider.

One of the best ways to save money is by copying the janitorial supply provider. Instead of buying a few items here and there, buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is always a good way to save money, but make sure you have enough room in your office to store the supplies. Buying in bulk also means less packaging, which saves money and waste.

Your Employees Will Work Harder

If you always have the right cleaning equipment, you can always have a clean office, which is incredibly important for creating a good work environment. Even if you are the best boss, and your employees all get along, a dirty office creates unpleasant working conditions, and unpleasant working conditions create unhappy employees. Unhappy employees are less likely to work hard, reducing productivity, and your bottom line.

An unclean office can also be a hazard. For example, if you are out of hand sanitizer, contagious illnesses like the flu can spread like wildfire though an office. As sick people touch shared equipment, they spread their germs, which increases the risk of disease for employees and customers. Plus, sick employees mean fewer people working. Even if they come to work, they will not be as productive.

A Checklist Is Important

Once you've decided to start buying janitorial supplies from a company, you need to know what you need to purchase. Consider all the furniture, materials and locations in your office. For example, if you have some wood furniture in one room but metal in others, you'll need cleaning solutions for both types. Don't forget that you may be required to own some general cleaning equipment like mops and toilet paper.

Once you know what you need, you must determine how often you'll need it. Ideally, you want to have enough on hand, so you can forget about buying more supplies for a while, but that takes room. Larger businesses may have room for several months' worth of supplies, but smaller ones do not. The goal is to find a good balance between having too many items to store and needing to call every week for new supplies.

They Have Multiple Options

Another benefit of janitorial supply companies is they tend to have a wide selection because they only focus on cleaning supplies and similar items. Therefore, you have more options from which to choose, so you can find the perfect product for your needs.

Also, because they have so many options, they may have more eco-friendly options. You may not consider the environmental impact your cleaning equipment has, but it's important for all businesses to start "going green" to attract customers and protect the planet. Many common cleaning equipment contains dangerous chemicals that can hurt employees or the environment.

If you are sick of running out of cleaning supplies, you should consider partnering with a janitorial supply company like Mailender. They can ensure you get the items you need when you need them.