Three Necessary Extras To Throw In At Your Sewing Machine Shop

1 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Sewing machines may change, but they never go out of style. A sewing machine store will attract everyone from moms who intend to make their own clothing fixes to save money to professionals who will create runway clothing. Your sewing machine store should have machines that work for every different segment of sowers. You should also offer some extras along with the sewing machines that can connect you with long-term customers. Read about these three extras to offer at your sewing machine shop. 

Patterns with completed examples

Those who are just getting started with sewing and others who are looking for some inspiration for clothing when they want to try something new. Sell patterns for all types of men, women, and children's clothing at your shop in order to offer a little something to everyone. The styles can range from simple skirts to jean jackets. You can also sell these to new learners who are interested in a small project to get started practicing their sewing skills. 

Offer sewing machine repairs

When a person is attached to their sewing machine, they most likely want the one that they own to be fixed rather than to buy a new one. Offer a sewing machine repair service that will get sluggish or broken machines back in good condition. Repairing sewing machine issues will allow owners to extend the life of their current machines but still allow you to keep money coming into your sewing machine sales business. Be sure to give all of your customers a list of repairs that you offer for your sewing machines when they make a purchase at your shop. 

Sewing classes for beginners

Some people are visual learners who need a little bit of help. Sewing, especially major patterns can take a lot of time to learn. Host classes at your shop monthly that can give everyone the ability to work on a small sewing project that can help to improve their skills. Allow customers to bring their own sewing machine and offer the option to provide sewing machines for the monthly meetings. Offer the materials and lead the class in sewing the pattern step by step. Being available to answer questions and provide feedback will aid those who are new to working on patterns. The monthly classes for creating small project can also make your shop a new hot spot in the community for those nights where there is little to do.