Three Things You Should Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

12 February 2018
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Have you recently made the decision to list your home for sale and are hoping for a quick and relatively easy sale? If so, you should explore measures you can take that may hedge your bets when it comes to a fast sale. The following three strategies are designed to make your home more attractive to potential buyers both physically and in terms of the 

Create Curb Appeal 

You'd have to be living in a cave to be unfamiliar with this term -- the importance of curb appeal is emphasized to the extent that virtually everyone is familiar with it. However, the average curb appeal strategies involving planting colorful flowers isn't as effective as many people believe, and buyers have long caught onto this tactic. Flowers certainly have their place in making a home look attractive, but you can enhance the appeal even more by making the main entryway inviting. 

Making a home attractive at first glance depends on creating an ambiance in which the prospective buyers can easily imagine themselves living happily in the home. An attractive, welcoming entryway begins on the exterior of the house. Flowers are fine, but a freshly painted front door and a small seating area either on the porch or right next to the steps lets a buyer daydream about coming home after a tough day at work to an attractive and relaxing environment. 

Have a Home Inspection Done

Having a comprehensive home inspection performed can eliminate a significant amount of red tape for prospective purchasers. A pre-listing home inspection assures buyers that they won't be in for any unexpected surprises, and it can also serve to pinpoint any flaws that should be fixed before listing your home in order to make it more appealing. Keep in mind that in most states, the escrow process provides the buyer with 30 days in which to request minor repairs or to adjust the price to reflect their costs, and you can circumvent this by already having a home inspection in hand. 

Create a Depersonalized Ambiance

It's easier for people to envision themselves and their families living happily in your current living space when your personal effects aren't the predominant feature. Create a blank space for them by removing family photographs, painting walls in neutral shades, and otherwise toning down your own personal imprint on the place. A skilled home staging expert can help you achieve this goal. 

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