It Doesn't Matter If The Area's "Safe" -- Ensure Your Security Is Top-Notch

8 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Finding commercial space in an area known for a low crime rate is always nice, but it doesn't mean you can let down your guard. You still have to have good -- nay, excellent -- security for your building and offices. This all starts with good locks that help keep your doors where they should be and help keep unwanted people out. It's very easy to assume that you don't have to be so strict about security in a good area, but that's a major misconception that needs to stop, now.

Places Change

Your area may be safe now, but neighborhoods change. If you plan to be in the area for a long time, you can't assume that it will remain as nice as it is now. A bad business or even just changing times can quickly turn a good commercial or industrial neighborhood into a bad one.

And even short-term businesses, like a seasonal holiday goods shop, need to be careful. It's no secret that a lot of people like to relax a little in better areas, and that actually makes those good areas targets for thieves. Always have good commercial-grade locks on your doors and windows, as well as having an alarm system.

Commercial Insurance Rates

In addition to protecting your business against fluctuating chances of trouble, having those good locks and using them also helps keep your commercial insurance rates down. Many companies offer discounts on policies if the business can show that security features are in place and being used properly. For just a deadbolt, of course, you're not likely to get a discount, but if you have trouble and the police can show that you didn't lock your building's doors (thus allowing the trouble to happen), your insurance company might be less inclined to give you good rates in the future.

Customer Satisfaction

If you store items onsite that belong to customers, or if you have a factory onsite in which you make items that are then shipped to customers, those customers are going to want your place to have good security. If they find that you've been storing their goods in areas where anyone could take them, it won't reflect well on your business.

Double-check all of the locks on the building (or at least the ones you can modify and control). Replace any that are not commercial quality or that seem very old. If any seem fine but were there before you arrived, have them rekeyed by a locksmith at the very least.