Four Things To Consider When Choosing A Storage Facility

2 February 2018
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Storage units are a great place for you to temporarily place your stuff to free up space within your home, but not all storage facilities are created equally. Different locations will offer different features and hold different advantages: understanding what to look for in a storage facility can help you choose the one that best suits your storage needs.

Security Features

If you are storing valuable items, like electronics, antique furniture, or jewelry, you will want to examine what security features each storage facility you are considering holds. Having a security fence, a security guard on the premises 24/7, and a closed-circuit TV network are all great features. You should also look for storage facilities that offer double-locking: they will have a preinstalled lock on the door of the storage unit but will allow you to install your own lock in addition to theirs. This means that even storage facility employees will not be able to access your unit if you aren't there.

Climate Control

For more fragile items that you may be considering putting into storage, especially things like electronics or important documents, you may want to look for a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. These units are air conditioned and heated, depending on the season, and will also moderate the humidity levels within themselves. Not only does this help protect against temperature fluctuation damage, but it also greatly reduces the risk that mold growth will occur in softer and organic possessions that you may put into storage. While it does represent an added expense, a climate-controlled storage unit is well worth the peace of mind that it offers.


Another thing to consider when looking at storage facilities is how accessible your items are while they are in a unit. The best storage facilities will allow you to take your items out at any time, as there will be someone on the premises at all times. Facilities that shut down overnight or on the weekends are not only less convenient, but also less secure – if no one is there to let you in, there's no one there to stop a break in either. Of course, this may not be a major concern if you are confident in the other security features and won't need to access your items at the drop of a hat, but it is definitely something to keep in mind when comparing facilities against one another.